October 12, 2008


If you are a seasoned Adventurer (or perhaps a mere hopeful wondering if the Goddess of Fate Lyiss has Chosen you for great future endeavors), welcome to this first telerunic edition of the CAUTION TO THE WIND newsletter!

Here you will find postings of note to the enthusiast of The Secret of Zir'An roleplaying game. We, the game creators, plan to present selections from our vast collection of material that has never before seen the light of day - a truly Hrondic archive of Secrets that any self respecting would-be Adventurer would hock their left boot to know.

The Secret of Zir'An game consists of three books:
  • The Secret of Zir'An Core Gamebook
  • The Secret of Zir'An Hand of Fate Book
  • The Secret of Zir'An Game Screen
All available now at your fine local retailer of tabletop game-related merchandise.

We look forward to hearing from you, so feel free to comment and let us know what you would like to see.



David Boddie said...

Oooo! I'm really looking forward to lots of SoZ goodness! I'll let you know what I'd like to see... just as soon as I know what that is... :D

Nathan said...

I want to know all about the Garalli Shadekin...and any other Shadekin you have hidden up your sleeves, pant legs, etc.

Eric said...

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that there's going to be more Ziran content. I'm interested in more about the world; the people and the places, the conspiracies, the secret societies, etc.

Kinale Ritiki said...

I wouldn't mind learning more about the Neolli culture. They are fascinating! Are there going to be any novels based on the game?

Finnegan said...

I'd love to see more of a write up on the monks of Gallios and the state of Gonshim.

Richard said...

I'd love to know what the two big secrests were... but I'm guessing I won't find that out.

Jason said...

Well, first off I should get the flattery out of the way.

I got the book this time last year. And when I began reading it I absolutely fell in love with it. The seeting was amazing and what little was given was just enough to grant a feel of a location and a people to allow me to expand on that. I liked the way that the finesse levels worked how they speed up the game. I like the forms of magic, I like how there are so many different cultures in one place. In all it's probably the best Setting/System I've read.

On to the what I'd like to see. I too would like to know the 2 core Secrets of Zir'An. I would love to read/hear some more fiction, the radio ads were fantastic, so much so I intend to use them in the game I'm planning.

Just writing to say, in hope that you still read this blog:

Thank you.

Raggmopp said...

I cant find nothing on this fine game i bougth.

Radio ads?

What happened to this seemingly wonderful game? I cant find any support online...

I have the big book and the GM guide, but no list over the so called errors.

Did this project die?

Kinale Ritiki said...

Considering the last update by those who run the blog, it would seem that it has died. If you google 'Secret of Zir'an pdf' you should be able to find the errata for the core book. If you go onto Amazon, you can get the HoF screen. There were rumors of an Adventurer's guide (I've even seen the cover art somewhere), but, sadly, it seems that book was never released.

Kinale Ritiki said...

I'm sorry. I lied about seeing cover art. But there were talks of the adventurer's guide.